Citizen Activism in Global Poverty and Climate Change

The RGK Center for Philanthropy and Community Service, the LBJ School Global Policy Studies Program, and Innovations for Peace and Development welcomed Sam Daley-Harris, CEO and founder of the Center for Citizen Empowerment and Transformation as a featured speaker in RGK’s Global Civil Society Lecture Series on October 24, 2013. In his talk, Citizen Activism in Global Poverty and Climate Change, Daley-Harris spoke about how to confront hopelessness and promote citizen activism in meeting global challenges with strategies and examples for making a difference from his work to address poverty and climate change. Ordinary citizens and volunteers need powerful organizations that support and empower them to effect change he said. Daley-Harris has coached thousands of groups and ordinary citizens in advocacy. A 20th anniversary edition of his book, Reclaiming Our Democracy, was released in fall 2013. Learn more.

Hosted by LBJ Associate Professor of Public Affairs Joshua Busby, the Global Civil Society Speaker Series launched in spring 2007 to showcase individuals with practical experience and timely research in the world of international NGOs, philanthropy and advocacy.