Nonprofit Portfolio Alumni Profile: Sachin Shah

Sachin Shah

Graduation Year: 2011

Degree: Master of Global Policy Studies

Employer: Shell Global Solutions/World Bank Consultant

Job Title: Water Resources Scientist/Consultant

Sachin Shah is a water resources policy and science consultant focusing on environmental conservation and social responsibility.  With a background in hydrogeology and policy, Sachin provides a unique entry way into social and environmental impact careers and uses this unique background to improve the science upon which decisions to help solve environmental and social problems are made.

“One of the biggest gaps that I see is the lack of data behind the decisions that are made for improving environmental and social problem – whether for NGOs or billion dollar companies,” says Sachin. Philanthropy doesn’t necessarily have to start or stop at non-profit or NGO levels but can also be improved within company doors.” Currently, Sachin works in Houston for Shell Global Solutions specializing in groundwater management, mostly in developing countries developing equitable water resources use and distribution in various parts of the world. His team advises Shell on how they can minimize water use and impacts to the environment and society through responsible energy practices.

After graduating from the LBJ School, Sachin first worked as Water Resources Consultant for The World Bank in New Delhi for two years (and is still an advisor), before accepting a position with Shell Global Solutions.

Sachin feels that the Nonprofit Portfolio coursework was vital in preparing him for developing solutions to problems by being entrepreneurial and innovative. In essence, it taught him that being a social “intrapreneur” is just as important as being a social entrepreneur.  This knowledge is valuable to his current work as he explores opportunities for Shell to improve environmental practices while aligning with their business objectives.