Nonprofit Portfolio Alumni Profile: Hannah Gibson-Moore

Graduation Year: 2008

Degree: Master of Science in Social Work, Concentration - Community and Administrative Leadership

Current Employer: LIVESTRONG Foundation

Position: Emotional Support Counselor 

Hannah Gibson-Moore moved to Austin in 2006 to earn a graduate degree in Social Work from the University of Texas.  She graduated in 2008 with a concentration in Community and Administrative Leadership.  She also participated in the Nonprofit Portfolio program to supplement her education.  Hannah's favorite experience in the Nonprofit Portfolio Program was the attending the Civil Society Summer Institute in Mexico hosted by the RGK Center.  There she was able to enhance her mastery of the Spanish language, immerse herself in the culture, learn about the history of civil society in Mexico, and visit several impressive non-profit organizations.  

After graduating, Hannah worked in the Office of Field Education at the School of Social Work where she helped coordinate the internship program.  She also helped to found and chair the Community Partnership Development Committee, a group that paired community social workers with social work professors to recruit and vet new internship sites.  

In 2012, Hannah decided to change her career path to focus on clinical social work and psychotherapy.  She was thrilled and inspired to hear about LIVESTRONG's navigation program, which offers free services to anyone affected by cancer.  She accepted a position as an Emotional Support Counselor, providing short-term counseling in person and over the phone.  She also offers counseling in Spanish, thanks to all that practice through the Non-profit Portfolio Program!  Hannah continues to love her work with the LIVESTRONG Foundation, and is currently pursuing advanced licensure as a clinical social worker.  She has remained connected to UT through the Social Work Alumnae Network and as a Field Instructor.  She just welcomed her second clinical social work intern at LIVESTRONG. Hannah is excited to see two of the communities she most passionately supports (UT and LIVESTRONG) come together through the LIVESTRONG Cancer Institutes at the Dell Medical Center. 

Hannah and her husband Patrick, a policy analyst with the Legislative Budget Board, love living in Austin.  Outside of work, they enjoy music and frolicking by the river with their adorable 9 month old son, Griffin, and their Rottweiler mix, Pigeon.