Curtis W. Meadows, Jr. Social Enterprise Fellows

The Curtis W. Meadows, Jr. Social Enterprise Fellows program offers teams of UT Austin graduate students in Business, Public Affairs, and Latin American Studies an opportunity to serve as nonprofit consultants with NGOs in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Named in honor of the Center’s founding director, the program began in 2006 as an intensive two-week professional development opportunity. The program has become a nine-month (six-credit) course and continues to include two weeks of fieldwork in the host country. Working on management or development projects identified by NGO partners, a Fellow can expect to produce deliverables on issues such as strategy, marketing, finance, human resources, program evaluation or sustainability.

Fellows receive $1,500 stipends to help defray the costs of international travel. Generous financial support for the program is provided by private donors and the McCombs MBA+ Program.  

2016 NGO Clients

HIAS Ecuador, which serves 70,000 refugees country-wide, asked the Meadows Fellows to evaluate the refugee assistance model to better help Colombian refugees integrate into Ecuadorian society.

Lonesome George & Co, an environmentally responsible apparel business founded in the Galapagos Islands, asked the Meadows Fellows how best to grow the social impact of its youth programming in Ecuador and the U.S.

2016 Meadows Fellows

Marcelle Cohen, MGPS

Lucero Perez, MBA

Liz Pinedo, MGPS

Molly Smith, MGPS

Tess Stansbury, MGPS

2016 Meadows Fellows - HIAS team

Carlo Castillo, MPAff

Jose Guzman, MGPS

Sarah Harris, MGPS

Isabel Hovey, MGPS

Adrian Velez, MGPS









2015 Nonprofit Client

The Meadows Foundation, based in Dallas, Texas and the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute, asked Meadows Fellows to research and make recommendations for improving mental health services for veterans. Information about the role of the report in attracting $20 million of new public funding to implement recommendations can be found here

2014 NGO Client

Cambio Creativo, in Panama, requested Meadows Fellows assistance with developing a customized financial budgeting and accounting system, a human resources manual and a strategic plan.

2012 - 2013 NGO Clients

Cambio Creativo, based in Coco Solo, Panama, provides educational programming, adult mentors, and outlets for artistic self-expression to youth in the poor community of Coco Solo. Meadows Fellows conducted program evaluations and developed a fundraising plan, tools and resources for launching a new capital campaign.  

DiscoverHope, in Cajamarca, Peru, creates opportunities for women to overcome poverty through microcredit lending and financial education, business training, and other support services. Meadows Fellow analyzed communications materials and strategies, as well as developed recommendations for retaining high-value-donors based in the U.S.

Sister Communities of San Ramón, in Nicaragua, promotes people-to-people connections and supports social and economic development projects that build friendship, understanding and respect for the Earth. Meadows Fellows surveyed tour group participants conducted in-country community stakeholder meetings to develop new group tour pricing options and offer recommendations for strengthening ties and sustainable community-based development in San Ramón. 

2012 NGO Client

Mountain of Hope operating in Creve, Haiti invited Meadows Fellows to assist with a microfinance program and developing a community water supply system.

2011 NGO Client

Mountain of Hope invited Meadows Fellows to interview local stakeholders and conduct a community needs assessment for the rural mountain town of Creve, Haiti.