Portfolio Program in Nonprofit Studies

Program overview

Nonprofit and philanthropic activity are vital to generating social impact, and addressing the complex challenges of the world today.  As boundaries between the nonprofit, private and public sectors blur, it is increasingly important to gain skills and ideas that can be applied in multiple roles and organizations.

Effective leadership requires deep understanding of current trends and policy issues, and the willingness to take action.  The Nonprofit Studies Portfolio is an opportunity to develop specialized skills in social finance, nonprofit management, philanthropy, cultural policy, social marketing and community collaboration. Students ready to make a difference in the world can advance their journey with the Certificate in Nonprofit Studies and with the RGK Center community of colleagues and faculty.


The Certificate in Nonprofit Studies is available to any currently enrolled graduate student at The University of Texas at Austin. To ensure certification appears on the academic transcript, a student is responsible for completing:

  • Four (4) courses – 12 credit hours total – of preapproved classes, including one taught by an RGK Center faculty member and one internship or field placement.  Any new class or course exception must be approved by the Program Coordinator and Director.
  • Forty (40) hours of volunteer service at a nonprofit or public service organization.
  • Four (4) networking and professional development events or activities.

Apply online.

Coordinator CONTACT INFO

Moira Porter
Phone: 512-471-7355
Email: moira[at]austin.utexas.edu