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Restore Rundberg

RGK Center Director Dr. David W. Springer currently serves as the Principal Investigator of Restore Rundberg, a three-year, $1 million grant from the Department of Justice to improve the quality of life, health, safety, education, and well-being of individuals living and working in the Rundberg neighborhood of Austin. Read more >

RGK Faculty Fellow publishes new research on charitable request persuasion strategy

Assistant Professor of Psychology and RGK Faculty Fellow Dr. Marlone Henderson's research interests in prosocial behavior include a focus on psychological barriers to charitable giving and volunteering. He recently published an article on the effectiveness of an accepted persuasion technique that has implications for charitable request strategies in Social Psychological & Personality ScienceRead more >

Set in Stone—RGK researchers collaborate on study of America’s “cultural infrastructure”

The RGK Center’s former director Peter Frumkin and research associate Anastasia Kolendo collaborated on a national study of arts facilities published by the Cultural Policy Center at the University of Chicago. Set in Stone looks at the major building boom of museums, performing arts centers, and theaters in the United States from 1994 to 2008. More >

The Strategic Management of Charter Schools: Frameworks and Tools for Educational Entrepreneurs

The Strategic Management of Charter Schools addresses the challenges facing such schools by mapping out, in straightforward and highly pragmatic terms, a management framework for them.
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Serving Country and Community Who Benefits from National Service?

book cover

The United States has a long history of citizens rendering service to their communities. Examples of government-sponsored voluntary service organizations include the Civilian Conservation Corps, the Peace Corps, and Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA). During the Clinton administration, the national service movement was advanced by the establishment of AmeriCorps, a large-scale national service program designed to place young people in community service positions across the country. More recently, the Obama administration has set in motion a major program expansion of AmeriCorps over the coming decade. More >

book coverThe Essence of Strategic Giving A Practical Guide for Donors and Fundraisers

In the face of global financial problems and stressed government budgets, the ability of private philanthropy to step in and help solve public problems and support vital private institutions as well has perhaps never been more important. But how can donors be sure their contributions will be effective? And how can fundraisers make their case for support in a way that is compelling and productive? More >


Serviceleader.org offers specialized resources for Volunteers, Leaders and Managers of Volunteers, and Instructors and Thought Leaders. We strive to provide high-quality information that furthers the study and practice of volunteerism.

Strategic Volunteer Engagement: A Guide for Nonprofit and Public Sector Leaders provides a strategic framework and offers critical management directives for working effectively with volunteers. Available for purchase at Serviceleader.org.


The annual RGK Center – ARNOVA President’s Award for Nonprofit Research provides $10,000 grants to individual members of ARNOVA to support basic research and theory building in the field of philanthropic, nonprofit and voluntary action studies. We are looking for new, creative work and especially encourage projects that incorporate and apply insights, frameworks and theories from the social sciences to the study of nonprofit organizations, philanthropy and volunteerism.

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