Dell Social Innovation Challenge

Building the next generation of social entrepreneurs depends not just on world-class teaching and training but also on supporting them with opportunities for strategic partnerships and start-up capital. With the goal of bringing visibility and public recognition to thousands of social entrepreneurs worldwide, the RGK Center has partnered with the MFI Foundation and Dell to create the annual Dell Social Innovation Challenge. The international competition attracts more than 1,700 student venture plan submissions, and ultimately awards a $60,000 Grand Prize to the best idea.

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Previous Grand Prize Winners:

Essmart gives rural retail shop owners in India access to products that improve their customers' lives. Be sourcing high-quality technologies and distributing them in existing retail shops, Essmart benefits local end users, shop owners and suppliers.
TakaTaka Solutions is a Nairobi-based social enterprise providing affordable and environmentally friendly waste management services.
winners2010 - Shining Hope for Communities
Shining Hope for Communities combats intergenerational cycles of poverty and gender inequality by linking tuition-free schools for girls to essential social services in Kenya’s Kibera slum through a holistic, community-driven approach.




2009 - Gardens for Health
Gardens for Health is dedicated to enabling people living with HIV/AIDS to improve their nutrition, health and treatment adherence through sustainable agriculture.


winners2008 - Husk Power Systems
Husk Power Systems provides power to millions of rural Indians in a financially sustainable, scalable, environmentally friendly and profitable manner by creating proprietary technology that cost-effectively converts rice husks into electricity.

winners2007 - AccessAbility
AccessAbility provides users with pedestrian-scale searchable maps, offering detailed accessibility features such as hill gradients, curb cuts, ramps, automatic door entrances and wheelchair-accessible bathrooms.