International Faculty Seminar on Social Entrepreneurship

The International Faculty Seminar on Social Entrepreneurship is intended to build a global community of university faculty and staff who are dedicated to the instruction and support of student social entrepreneurs. This Seminar will focus on best practices in three areas: course instruction on social entrepreneurship, programs to support and empower student social entrepreneurs, and strategies for building a strong and successful social entrepreneurship program within the university.

The Seminar will be limited to university partners from within the Dell Social Innovation Competition network. Participants will be primarily Faculty; however, senior Staff administrators are also welcome if they are the principal drivers of the social entrepreneurship program(s) in their universities. Participants will be from diverse countries, reflecting the global reach of the DSIC.

The Seminar will take place over three days and will include technical sessions as well as networking and relationship-building events. The daytime sessions will feature peer presentations of innovative approaches and best practices from the participating universities. The evening dinners will be designed to facilitate networking and relationship-building among the group.

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