CONNECT Frequently Asked Questions - Community Organizations

Which organizations are eligible to utilize CONNECT?

Any community organization that is a 501(c)(3) or a public entity (e.g. school district, local, state or federal government) is eligible to submit a project profile.  

When can my organization apply to be matched with a graduate student?

Each year, there are three opportunities to submit projects to be matched with graduate students. These opportunities are concurrent to the University of Texas at Austin schedule - Fall semester, Spring semester and Summer. See below for project submission windows for the upcoming opportunities:

Spring 2020 Semester: August 1 - October 16

Summer 2020:  December 1 - March 11

Can I submit multiple projects to be matched with students?

Absolutely! CONNECT does not guarantee that a match will always be determined for your project(s), but your organization is welcome to submit multiple project profiles per project cohort. In the case that one or more of your projects is not matched to a graduate student, your organization will be notified and given the option to either have your project(s) roll over into the matching queue in the next cohort (in which case you will not need to re-populate another project profile), or withdraw your project(s).

Can my organization participate in the CONNECT program more than one time? 

Definitely. In fact, many of the projects we help organizations to source take place in phases over more than one project cohort. 

Which graduate programs do the CONNECT students come from?

The CONNECT program is open to any graduate student currently enrolled at the University of Texas at Austin.

What is the timeline for a typical project engagement?

Click the upcoming project cohorts to view timeline details: Spring 2020 Cohort, Summer 2020 Cohort

How does the matching process work?

Step 1: Organizations submit their project requests via an online form.

Step 2: CONNECT follows-up with organizations to gain clarity on project goal and deliverables (if necessary), share important dates and logistical information, and provide the organization with their project stipend estimate(s).  

Step 3: Students tell us about themselves via a short, online form.

Step 4: Matches are then determined based on project requirements and students’ availability, skillset, experience, and interests.

Step 5: Organization notifications are sent out via email to all matched organizations. Organizations receive information on the student they have been matched to and have the choice to accept or deny their match.

Step 6: Official match notifications are then sent out to the students. CONNECT then begins coordinating the initial project kick-off meeting.

Is my organization responsible for covering the cost of the project stipend?

Although the ability to cover the cost of the entire project stipend is not required to be a part of CONNECT, we ask that all participating organizations contribute whatever they have the means to toward their project stipend(s). 

What types of information is my organization required to submit through the online project profile form? 

Click here for an overview of the information required to match your project with a student. Please note, we provide assistance to any organization that needs additional help with scoping their project. 

Can my organization interview the student(s) that match with our project(s)?

Organizations do not have the opportunity to interview the student(s) that match with their project(s). To verify that CONNECT suggests the optimal match for your project, your organization is encouraged to include additional information (when asked to do so while completing the project profile form) regarding “non-negotiable” skills/qualities, you would like your graduate student to have. When your organization is notified of its suggested student match, you will be provided with the graduate student’s resume and any applicable work samples to review prior to accepting or declining your match suggestion.