RGK Center in the News

Trump says goodbye to Paris climate agreement. Here's what that means.

The Washington Post Monkey Cage Blog - 06/01/2017

Dr. Joshua Busby delves into the certain and potential impacts–environmental, diplomatic, and economic–from the President's decision to withdraw the U.S. from the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement.  Read article.

Castillo: New giving network answers why Latinos need a hand

Austin American-Statesman - 05/20/2017

The editorial board at the Austin-American Statesman met with Austin Community Foundation members to go into the 'why' behind their decision to launch the Hispanic Impact Fund.  The piece mentions some of the data collected through the Austin Area Sustainability Indicators. Read article.

New fund will help Central Texas' growing Hispanic community

KVUE - 05/10/2017

In an effort to respond to the disparate income levels of Hispanics living in Central Texas, the Austin Community Foundation recently launched the Hispanic Impact Fund to increase economic security in this growing segment of the population through investments in early childhood education, healthy communities and entrepreneurship.  The fund was launched in part due to findings from the Austin Area Sustainability Indicators.  Read and watch.

Critical links between health care and immigration in Texas

TribTalk - 05/05/2017

LBJ School student Paige Menking looks at the intersection of healthcare and immigration policy and the challenges that undocumented immigrants face in this area, particularly in light of recent anti-immigrant sentiment in the state. Read article.

The Threat to NEA Funding and Austin

The Austin Chronicle - 04/28/2017

Dr. Francie Ostrower weighs in on the proposal to cut funding for the NEA: "[T]he nature of the current attacks against the endowment set this assault apart from its predecessors. In the past, 'the debates over cutting were often dominated by controversies over what the NEA funds. This time around, arguments are being made that there is no rationale for government to fund the NEA at all.'" Read article.

More donors starting funds rather than giving directly to charities

Austin American-Statesman - 04/14/2017

For the first time on record, the nonprofit that received the most in donations in the country is not what you typically think of as a nonprofit — and that has some in the nonprofit sector worried that the new model is upending traditional philanthropy. “Philanthropy is changing,” says Meeta Kothare of the RGK Center for Philanthropy at the University of Texas. Read full article.

What could make Americans — and Congress — care about Zika?

The Monkey Cage (The Washington Post) - 08/17/2016

Dr. Joshua Busby turns to findings from his 2014 survey experiment testing the efficacy of various persuasive messaging techniques regarding the Ebola virus to understand what may cause Americans to organize around efforts to combat the Zika virus. Read blog post.

Revitalizing Rundberg

Austin American-Statesman - 04/29/2016

Dr. David W. Springer was interviewed for a Sunday news front-page, in-depth special on Restore Rundberg. Read and watch.

Podcast Interview with Clare Zutz and Mark Hand

Bruggen Blog - 03/20/2016

Interviewed by Rik van Bruggen of graph database Neo4j, Clare Zutz and Mark Clayton Hand discuss some of their latest projects researching social innovation through network analysis. Read and listen.

Helping Austin Reach Zero Waste through Inspiring Entrepreneurship

Waste360 - 02/24/2016

"The [Re]Verse Pitch Competition brought together great minds and opportunities to get real about turning trash into treasure, in collaboration with our most valuable resource—our  local entrepreneurs." Read more.

Restoring a Neighborhood, a Street at a Time

KUT News - 02/05/2016

This in-depth story on the Restore Rundberg project focuses on Sam Rayburn Drive, one of three hot spots that has seen a considerable drop in crime since the project began in 2012.  Read and listen.

Innovative programs help lower crime in Restore Rundberg area

Community Impact Newspaper - 01/27/2016

This article features perspectives from several key players and community members with stakes in the Restore Rundberg project. Read more.

From Brewing to Chewing

The Austin Chronicle - 12/18/2015

Brewnola Bars, the McCombs School of Business trio that won the [Re]Verse Pitch Competition, seeks to diversify bar snack offerings while repurposing spent grain from area breweries. Read article.

City Takes Look at Diversity of Arts Groups

The Wall Street Journal - 12/13/2015

Dr. Francie Ostrower was consulted for her take on an upcoming New York City Department of Cultural Affairs report on diversity among the staffs, boards and audiences at cultural organizations that accept city funding. Read more.

Austin entrepreneurs compete to re-purpose products into business ideas

KXAN News - 12/09/2015

Finalists for the [Re]Verse Pitch Competition shared their reuse business ideas in a telecast interview. The RGK Center hosted the final competition at the LBJ School of Public Affairs.

[Re]verse -- A Backwards Pitch Competition to Reuse Other Companies' Byproducts

AustinInno - 12/04/2015

This local tech industry news outlet piece focuses on the novelty of the [Re]Verse Pitch Competition and lists some of the competitors' reuse enterprise solutions.

Study shows slight decrease of crime in Rundberg area

Austin American Statesman - 12/03/2015

Nearly three years after police landed a $1 million federal grant to target crime in the Rundberg area, a recent University of Texas study shows a slight decrease of property and violent crime. Read AAS coverage.

After 3-Year Restoration Program, Rundberg Looks to the Future

KUT News - 12/03/2015

In this radio interview, Dr. David Springer describes community policing—a key facet of the Restore Rundberg initiative—as one way to address the underlying causes of crime.

People think that the Copenhagen climate talks failed. Here’s why they’re so wrong

The Monkey Cage (The Washington Post) - 12/02/2015

Dr. Joshua Busby challenges the perception that the 2009 Copenhagen climate negotiations were a failure. Read blog post.

UT Austin research aims to help veterans get mental health services

KXAN-TV - 11/10/2015

RGK Center Faculty Fellow Dr. David Eaton and Rebecca Hornbach (MGPS '14) were interviewed on their findings from a 2013-14 assessment of mental health resources for veterans in Texas.

Meet the Woman Who Will Track the Wallace Foundation’s Building Audiences for Sustainability Initiative

Inside Philanthropy - 08/03/2015

This blog post looks at Dr. Francie Ostrower's $3.5M grant as part of the trend towards increased performance measurement by philanthropic organizations in the arts.

Texas Researcher Gets $3.5M To Study How Arts Groups Attract Fans

Texas Standard (KUT 90.5 FM) - 07/30/2015

Operas, ballet groups and theater companies are finding it’s getting harder to keep audiences engaged. David Brown at the Texas Standard interviewed Dr. Francie Ostrower to discuss her new study, funded by The Wallace Foundation, which aims to find out what works — and what doesn’t.

APD wants to hire 400 officers in an effort to change policing strategy

Fox 7 News Austin - 07/29/2015

Emboldened by recent findings from the Restore Rundberg UT research team demonstrating the effectiveness of community policing efforts, the Austin Police Department is asking city council to fund the hiring of 400 additional police officers. The increase in staff would allow for a renewed strategy that focuses on developing relationships with area business owners and residents to gather feedback and address safety concerns as they arise. Watch news clip >

UT’s Francie Ostrower Snags $3.5 Million to Study Arts Engagement

Alcalde - 07/27/2015

Dr. Francie Ostrower spoke with the Alcalde about a $3.5M Wallace Foundation research grant she received as part of the foundation's Building Audiences for Sustainability initiative.

Professor aims to expand art audiences with $3.5 million Wallace Foundation grant

ArtDaily - 07/23/2015

The six-year study will examine efforts underway with 26 performing arts organizations — in dance, music, opera, theater and multidisciplinary performing arts — to implement strategies for engaging and sustaining new audiences while retaining existing ones. Read more >

UT gets $3.5M grant to help Austin arts groups grow revenue

Austin Business Journal - 07/22/2015

This article emphasizes the importance of Dr. Francie Ostrower's research given the budgetary issues faced by many Austin arts organizations.

Neighbors walk for change in crime-ridden neighborhood

KVUE (ABC) - 04/13/2015

RGK Center Restore Rundberg researchers provide context in this KVUE article about weekly neighborhood walks to foster community and reduce illegal activity.

Persuading Americans to act on climate change

The Monkey Cage (The Washington Post) - 04/08/2015

In this article, RGK Center Associate Professor Joshua Busby and co-author Bethany Albertson draw attention to the appeals that best persuade the U.S. public on climate change. Using an experimental design, Drs. Busby and Albertson assessed a diverse sample of 330 participants on their responses to four different appeals. The experiment yielded some surprising results particularly with regard to the impact that varying degrees of climate change knowledge had on participant response to the persuasive messaging.

Photography project works to give voice to students in Rundberg neighborhood

The Daily Texan - 09/18/2014

Angela Baucom and Shubhada Saxena, graduate students in the RGK Center’s Portfolio in Nonprofit Studies, are featured in a Daily Texan article about a Restore Rundberg afterschool program at Dobie Middle School.

Social Entrepreneurship Gives New Opportunity For College Graduates And Teachers Alike

Forbes - 03/07/2014

The Dell Social Innovation Challenge, created in 2007 at the RGK Center, is described as part of a larger trend towards socially-conscious career choices among recent college graduates. Read full article.