Presentations by RGK Faculty

Francie Ostrower, Ph.D.
05/12/2017 - Austin, TX

Looking Forward: Partnerships for Sustainable Impact
Central Texas Funders Forum – Collaboration for Community Impact sponsored by the Grant Professionals Association
Moderator: Dr. Ostrower; Panelists: Representatives from the Andy Roddick Foundation, the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, and the Mitte Foundation

06/24/2015 - Paris, France

Governance and Organizational Environments: Increasing Complexity, Changing Boundaries
Symposium: Governance of Associations and Democracy (convened by the IAE Paris Sorbonne Graduate Business School)
Fellow Presenters: Dr. Philippe Eynaud, Dr. Stéphanie Chatelain-Ponroy, Dr. Géraldine Schmidt, Dr. Samuel Sponem

04/24/2015 - Kansas City, Missouri

Close Cousins or Distant Relatives? Critical Questions and an Empirical Agenda for Researching Governance in Hybrid Organizations
2015 Nonprofit Governance Conference (convened by the Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership and the Nonprofit Quarterly; co-sponsored by the Alliance for Nonprofit Management and the Governance Section of ARNOVA)
Co-presenter: Dr. Melissa Stone

09/18/2014 - Austin, TX

Scholarship and Research-Based Practice; What is the Connection? Moderator for special session sponsored by the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA) at the 2014 national conference of the Alliance for Nonprofit Management.

07/27/2014 - Montreal, Canada

"Race, Ethnicity and Cultural Boards" -  Panel presentation (Economy and Culture) at the 18th International Conference of the Association for Cultural Economics International (ACEI).

04/10/2014 - Bloomington, Indiana

"Diversity on Cultural Boards" - Invited talk at the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University at Bloomington.

07/14/2013 - Liege, Belgium

Presentation (with Melissa Stone). “Governing Boards and Organizational Environments: Growing Complexities, Shifting Frameworks” - 4th EMES International Research Conference on Social Enterprise, University of Liege.

02/07/2013 - New York, NY

Panelist. “The Fundamental Role of States in Governance Issues” - 2013 Charities Regulation Policy Conference, Columbia Law School, Columbia University.

11/15/2012 - Indianapolis, IN

“Diversity in Nonprofit Cultural Organizations” - Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA) annual conference.

09/22/2011 - Atlanta, Georgia

Presented on "Nonprofit Boards: What a National Survey Tells Us," at the BoardSource Leadership Forum.

04/14/2011 - Los Angeles, CA

“Foundation Sunset as a Philanthropic Strategy" - University of Southern California, Center on Philanthropy and Public Policy, School of Policy, Planning and Development.

04/08/2011 - College Station, TX

“Nonprofit Boards: What Do We Know and How Can it Help?” - Opening plenary presentation at the Texas A&M University Bush School of Government & Public Service Nonprofit Management Forum.

12/02/2010 - Washington, DC

Spoke at "Foundation Spend Down: Strategies, Lessons and Options," co-sponsored by Aspen Institute, Philanthropy Roundtable, Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers.

Mark Clayton Hand
04/10/2016 - Newport Beach, CA

The Crowd-Sourced Graph: Uncovering The Social Innovation Landscape in Austin, Texas
XXXVI Sunbelt Conference of the International Network for Social Network Analysis
Co-presenter along with Clare Zutz

02/25/2016 - Austin, TX

Triple Bottom Line Ventures: Lessons Learned from Entrepreneurs
McCombs Business for Good Summit (convened by Net Impact McCombs and the Clean Tech Group)
Panel Moderator

04/24/2015 - Austin, TX

New Trends & Profit Models in Social Entrepreneurship
McCombs Business for Good Summit (convened by Net Impact McCombs and the Clean Tech Group)
Panel Moderator

Clare Zutz
04/10/2016 - Newport Beach, CA

The Crowd-Sourced Graph: Uncovering The Social Innovation Landscape in Austin, Texas
XXXVI Sunbelt Conference of the International Network for Social Network Analysis
Co-presenter along with Mark Clayton Hand

Sarah Jane Rehnborg, Ph.D.
06/24/2013 - Dallas, Texas

 Texas Volunteer Management Conference: Keynote Speaker and Pre-Conference Workshop Leader

06/17/2013 - Washington, DC

 2013 National Conference on Volunteering and Service: Co-Coordinator, Summit for Advanced Volunteer Engagement for the Points of Light Foundation Institute

01/25/2013 - Grapevine, Texas

2013 Texas Volunteer Management Conference-Advanced Workshop, “Frameworks for Management”

08/10/2012 - Austin, Texas

Serving U Keynote Address at St. Edwards University


11/18/2011 - Toronto, Canada

Association for Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Research Annual Conference: Testing the Volunteer and Community Engagement Tool: Pilot Findings from Nonprofits in Two States


06/05/2011 - New Orleans, Louisiana
Research Summit, National Conference on Volunteering and Service: Invited participant
06/04/2011 - New Orleans, Louisiana
Summit for Advanced Volunteer Engagement:
  • Co-Coordinator of 3 day event attended by 100 leaders in community engagement from around the US.
  • Pre-conference event connected to the National Conference on Volunteering and Service.
  • Presenter: “Mean” and Deviant: Evaluating Volunteer Effort. 
03/24/2011 - San Diego, California

Dr. Rehborg will conduct a workshop at the BenchMark 3.5 2011 Conference on Nonprofit and Philanthropic Studies sponsored by the Nonprofit Academic Centers Council. The workshop, "Volunteer Administration: Tools for Curriculum Construction Bridging Practice and Theory," will be presented in collaboration with the Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration.

11/21/2010 - Alexandria, Virginia

Dr. Rehnborg was one of thirty volunteerism experts invited to participate in one of six meetings worldwide being conducted by United Nations Volunteers. She participated in the North American Consultation Meeting: State of the World's Volunteerism Report.

11/18/2010 - Alexandria, Virginia

Dr. Rehnborg convened a Colloquy on the topic of Curriculum Issues in Volunteerism and Volunteer Administration at the 39th annual meeting of the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organization and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA).

06/22/2009 - San Francisco, CA

Attended and spoke at the 2009 National Conference on Volunteering and Service.

04/08/2008 - Austin, TX

Greenlights for Nonprofit Success - "Fire the Deadbeats: Unloading Ineffective Board Members and Volunteers"

03/07/2008 - Midland, TX

"Volunteers: A Key Nonprofit Human Resource" Midland Nonprofit Management Support Organization

02/27/2008 - Austin, TX

Texas Department of State Health Services - Consumer Affairs In-Service; Two Workshops: Volunteer Recruitment and Training and Nonprofit Board Leadership

11/18/2007 - Chicago, IL

Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action - presented "Assessing the State of Capacity Building Research" and co-chaired a session on "Research, Curriculum, and Continuing Education Needs in Volunteer Administration."

09/15/2007 - New York, NY

The United Hospital Fund - presented research on the organizational self-assessment tool the Center performed for the Corporation for National and Community Service to health-related and community-based volunteer managers.

08/25/2007 - San Antonio, TX

American Hospital Association - "Turning Executive Directors into Volunteer Champions."

07/18/2007 - Philadelphia, PA

National Community Service Conference - "Turning Executive Directors into Volunteer Champions."

06/07/2007 - Kansas City, MO

American Humanics Conference - "Curriculum Development in Volunteer Administration: A Retrospective Analysis."

06/01/2007 - Garland, TX

Texas Association of Healthcare Volunteers Convention - "Difficult Conversations: Handling Conflict in the Workplace"

04/06/2007 - Austin, TX

Barbara Jordan Forum, LBJ School at University of Texas - "Strategic Uses of Volunteers"

03/03/2007 - Dallas, TX

American Lung Association, National Staff Conference - "Engaging Volunteers in the Work of the Organization: Tips and Techniques."

02/08/2007 - New York, NY

United Hospital Fund and the Greater New Association of Directors of Volunteer Services and the New York Association for Volunteer Administration - Half-day workshop building on the assessment instrument developed for the Corporation for National and Community Service.


Web presentation for Everyone Ready¨, an online volunteer management staff development program operated by ENERGIZE, Inc. - presented research in volunteerism and volunteer administration.

09/22/2006 - Philadelphia, PA

American Society of Directors of Volunteer Service National Conference - presented two workshops.

09/13/2006 - Mexico City, Mexico

Center for Mexican Philanthropy (CEMEFI) Conference - "The Effects of Legislation on Volunteer Involvement in Select Health and Human Service Organizations."

06/19/2006 - Seattle, WA

National Conference on Volunteering and Service - "Volunteer Management Competencies: A Roadmap for Change" at the national conference sponsored by the Corporation for National and Community Service and the Points of Light Foundation."

06/12/2006 - Austin, TX

Young Nonprofit Professionals Network - "Strategic Volunteering for Young Nonprofit Professionals."

04/04/2006 - Perth, Australia

International Congress on Volunteerism, Democracy, Administration, and the Evolution of Future Landscapes - presented on the long term role and viability of volunteers.

01/25/2006 - Austin, TX

One Star Foundation's Texas Demonstration Project - moderated panel discussion Capacity-Building.

12/01/2011 - Albany, New Zealand

Presentation – “Measuring Social Enterprise Performance: Toward a Universal Dashboard” at the inaugural international Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference at the Albany Campus of Massey University, New Zealand.

11/17/2011 - Toronto, Canada

Presentation at 2011 ARNOVA Conference: “Critical Reflections on ‘Mapping’ Civil Society and Nonprofit Organizations.”

11/07/2011 - Beersheba, Israel

Presentation at Endowment and Asset Management Conference sponsored by Israeli Center for Third-Sector Research (ICTR), Ben Gurion University of the Negev - Beersheba, Israel campus.

10/18/2011 - Houston, Texas

Presentation at Greater Houston Community Foundation’s workshop for area advisors and donors.

10/13/2011 - Louisville, Kentucky

Featured presentation with co-presenter, Joanna Woronkowicz, Ph.D. – “So You Think You Can Build? Inside the Cultural Construction Process” at the 37th Annual Social Theory, Politics and the Arts (STPA) conference at the University of Kentucky.

10/12/2011 - Omaha, Nebraska

Presentation to regional foundation advisors at the Nonprofit Summit of the Midlands, sponsored by Smith Hayes.

02/25/2011 - Durham, North Carolina

Universities Driving Global Change” - TEDxAshokaU is providing a platform to share some of the best practices used within the University roam and talk about how Universities are becoming part of a global movement to achieve positive social change.

12/08/2010 - Dallas, Texas

Conference of Southwest Foundations presents Move Over 5%, and Let Mission Drive with Peter Frumkin and Christopher G. Didier.

More infomation and registration.

11/14/2010 - Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Panel session, Achieving Strategic Alignment, at the Charter School Leadership Development Program.

11/11/2010 - Erasmus University in Rotterdam

Keynote speaker at the Conference on Strategic Philanthropy - "What is Strategic Giving?"

10/30/2010 - Los Angeles, California

Presenting "Spectrum Filters: Towards a Normative Theory of Sector Selection" with Suzi Sosa at the UCLA Center for Civil Society's Exploring Social Enterprises Conference.

10/27/2010 - Broomfield, Colorado

Keynote Speaker at the National Scholarship Providers Association 2010 Annual Conference. "What is Strategic Giving: Implications for Scholarship Providers"

09/30/2010 - Vail, Colorado

Spoke with Carroll Joynes at the 62nd Annual Conference of Southwest Foundations.

09/29/2010 - Omaha, Nebraska

Session Leader at the Smith-Hayes Nonprofit Symposium.

08/14/2010 - Colorado Springs, Colorado

Spoke at the Liberty Fund Conference.

11/08/2009 - Washington, DC

Spoke at the General Assembly of The Jewish Federations of North America.

09/17/2009 - Heidelberg, Germany

Panel member at the 2009 Centre for Social Investment MLS Symposium. Spoke on the topic of "Are innovations taking place that could transform organized philanthropy?"

09/10/2009 - Austin, Texas

Served as a panelist for the City of Austin's Cultural Arts Division presentation "Weathering the Economic Storm."

08/27/2009 - Austin, TX

Spoke to the Basic Needs Coalition of Central Texas.

08/13/2009 - Austin, TX

Gave lecture on "Anatomy of 'No': The Real Reasons Donors Reject Proposals" to the Austin Chapter of Association of Fundraising Professionals.

05/26/2009 - Jerusalem, Israel

Spoke on "Private Wealth and Public Purpose" at The Role of Philanthropy in the Formulation of Public Policy conference at The Center for the Study of Philanthropy in Israel.

05/20/2009 - Austin, TX

"Funders Forum: Embracing the New Realities of Philanthropy" sponsored by the Austin chapter of Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) - Participated in panel discussion on the state of philanthropy in Central Texas.

02/20/2009 - Washington, DC

Hudson Institute's Bradley Center for Philanthropy and Civic Renewal Panel discussion entitled "Apocalypse Now for Nonprofits?"

11/06/2008 - Stanford, CA

The Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society: Spoke on "Strategic Giving" for An Ongoing Dialogue with Practitioners.

09/25/2008 - Greater Washington, DC

The Aspen Institute Philanthropy Seminar: Connecting Values and Philanthropic Strategy. Led formal session "Mission and Strategy: moving from values to strategy"

09/17/2008 - Mont-Tremblant, Quebec

Tremblant Forum 08, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Panel Discussion "Will it be enough?"

06/04/2008 - Detroit, MI

Association of Art Museum Directors annual conference "A performance measurement framework for museums" - presented to over 100 directors of America's largest art museums.

02/28/2008 - Washington, DC

Hudson Institute's Bradley Center for Philanthropy and Civic Renewal Panel discussion on the "The Challenges of Foundation Management."

02/27/2008 - Mexico City, Mexico

Conference on North America and the Dilemma of Integration sponsored by UT Austin in collaboration with five distinguished Mexican universities - Panel presentation - "The Impossible Dream of Performance Measurement" during the Philanthropy and Civil Society session.

11/29/2007 - Seattle, WA

University of Washington, Evans Center, Philanthropy Northwest and Social Venture Partners Presentations on performance measurement and accountability

11/27/2007 - Boston, MA

Harvard University - Hauser Center’s 10th Anniversary Colloquium Presentation - “Taking the Expressive Aspects of the Nonprofit Sector Seriously”

10/25/2007 - New York, NY

NYU National Center on Philanthropy and the Law – Participation at annual conference.

10/18/2007 - Calistoga Ranch, Napa Valley, CA

Presidio Financial Partners LLC – Presentation on strategic giving to clients.

10/17/2007 - Milwaukee, WI

Donor’s Forum of Wisconsin – Presentation of keynote speech and workshop presenter at philanthropy research colloquium.

10/13/2007 - Vail, CO

First Descents – Board retreat facilitation for a nonprofit organization that operates innovative outdoor camps supporting young adults with cancer.

10/13/2007 - Pocantico, NY

Rockefeller Brothers Fund Conference sponsored by the UCLA Center for Civil Society - latest works discussion.

10/10/2007 - Murom, Russia

Fund for Arts and Culture of Central and Eastern Europe - "Enriching the Museum Experience"

09/27/2007 - Colorado Springs, CO

Researcher/Practitioner Forum – Presentation on diversity in philanthropy at forum hosted by Council of Foundations and others.

09/12/2007 - Austin, TX

Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) - Presentation on theories of change to nonprofit partners of LAF

08/21/2007 - Indianapolis, IN

Philanthropy Summit - Presentations on performance measurement and accountability

08/08/2007 - Austin, TX

Greenlights for Nonprofit Success - "Executive Director 101"

07/09/2007 - Chicago, IL

CASE Summit for Advancement Leaders - Peter Frumkin was a recipient of the 2007 CASE Distinguished Service Award

06/06/2007 - Boskovice, Czechoslovakia

US Embassy in the Czech Republic - Fund for Arts and Culture of Central and Eastern Europe - "The Educational Roles of Museums"

04/19/2007 - Austin, TX

Texas Association of Museums Annual Conference - "Peace, Love and Understanding: The Making of Outstanding Board and Director Relationships."

04/14/2007 - Austin, TX

Queer Texas Conference - "Starting a Nonprofit Enterprise."

04/12/2007 - Austin, TX

Cohen New Works Festival, UT Theater & Dance Dept - Arts and Entrepreneurship Panel.

03/19/2007 - Atlanta, GA

International Jewish Funder's Network Conference - presentation on strategic giving

03/08/2007 - Chicago, IL

Center for Effective Philanthropy Conference - panel session entitled "Understanding Foundation Impact: The Academic Perspective"

11/09/2006 - Charleston, SC

Philanthropy Roundtable Conference - panel discussion on strategic giving.

11/03/2006 - Madison, WI

APPAM Conference - Peter Frumkin and Margaret Vaaler presented a research paper on national service programs

10/24/2006 - Dallas, TX

Governor's Executive Development Program - "Strategic Alignment: Use of Logic Models" and "Performance Measurement"

09/15/2006 - Austin, TX

Swearing in new AmeriCorps members on the steps of the state capitol.

09/11/2006 - Durham, NC

Foundation Impact Research Group at Duke University - presentation.

06/09/2006 - Austin, TX

One Star Foundation's 23rd Annual Governor's Volunteer Awards - Peter Frumkin and Ben Sasse served on the Blue Ribbon Panel and Review Committee.

06/09/2006 - Austin, TX

St. Gabriel's Catholic School - presentation to the board on philanthropy and the future of nonprofit boards.

05/16/2006 - Dallas, TX

Dallas Foundation - speech to a group of Dallas-area foundation leaders about strategic giving.

05/05/2006 - Austin, TX

Texas Association for Nonprofits and the Center for Community-Based and Nonprofit Organizations (Austin Community College) conference entitled Accountability in the New Century - talk on the growing demand for nonprofit accountability and how the nonprofit sector must adapt.

01/21/2006 - Austin, TX

Independent Schools Association of the Southwest (ISAS) Board Chairs Conference - led general session on the changing landscape of philanthropic giving and implications for trustee fundraising.

01/12/2006 - Austin, Texas

2006 Nonprofit Organizations Institute - presented as part of UT Law School's effort to deliver continuing legal education on the nonprofit sector.

01/12/2006 - Austin, TX

2006 Nonprofit Organizations Institute - presented as part of UT Law School's effort to deliver continuing legal education on the nonprofit sector.


Voluntary Sector Initiative - "Managing Public Nonprofit Relations"

Joshua W. Busby, Ph.D.
12/12/2007 - Austin, TX

UT Austin - Rapoport Center for Human Rights - "The Politics of Donor Responses to HIV/AIDS"

11/27/2007 - Seattle, WA

Evans School of Public Affairs, University of Washington - "From Benign Neglect to Moral Awakening: Donor Responses to HIV/AIDS"

11/11/2007 - Boston, MA

UT Austin - Rapoport Center for Human Rights - "The Politics of Donor Responses to HIV/AIDS"

09/09/2007 - Lund University of Sweden

Conference on Energy Security in Europe - "Who Cares About the Weather? Climate Change and U.S. National Security"

04/24/2007 - Austin, TX

Face AIDS Panel Discussion at the University of Texas.

04/14/2007 - Washington, DC

National Intelligence Council

03/30/2007 - Chapel Hill, NC

Triangle Institute for Security Studies - National Security Implications of Climate Change.

03/01/2007 - Chicago, IL

International Studies Association Conference - "Who Cares about the Weather? Climate Change and U.S. National Security."

02/19/2007 - Austin, TX

Strauss Center, LBJ School of Public Affairs - "From Benign Neglect to Moral Awakening: Donor Responses to HIV/AIDS"

01/31/2007 - Austin, TX

Strauss Center Slater Event - Introductory remarks on Global Climate Change.

10/10/2006 - Austin, TX

LBJ School of Public Affairs - "Who Cares about the Weather? Climate Change and U.S. National Security."