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Staying Curious: Spotlight on Noelita Lugo

Aug. 1, 2022
MSSW alum Noelita Lugo shares consulting advice and how to make positive change from within organizations.
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LBJ Graduate Jessica Jones Accepts New Position as Research Associate

July 25, 2022
Jessica Jones joins the LBJ School team in collaboration with the City of Austin and Jackson School of Geosciences to develop resilience hubs across the city.
Photo by Megan Bucknall of Lady Bird Lake in Austin Texas

Latest Data Brief Explores Austin's Social Capital

June 20, 2022
Austin Area Sustainability Indicators Project has released a brief outlining their research on social capital in Austin.
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Considering Community: Spotlight on Emily Bhandari

May 13, 2022
Emily Bhandari, MPAff/MSSW alum, shares her experience in the Nonprofit Studies portfolio program and more about her work with the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health.
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Back in the Classroom: LBJ Alum Walter Moreau Shares Lessons Learned for Nonprofit Leadership Success

Dec. 6, 2021
Moreau had the chance to teach this course to a group of graduate students through the LBJ School. An LBJ alumnus himself, he remembers wanting to soak up practical information as a graduate student that would help prepare him for a career in the nonprofit sector.

A Seat at the Table for Skilled Generalists and Nonprofit Advocates

Dec. 10, 2020
Tim Delaney shares how the LBJ School of Public Affairs influenced his development as an advocate and leader, now for the nonprofit sector as President and CEO of the National Council of Nonprofits. 

The Full Picture: LBJ Alums Tackle the COVID-19 Crisis From All Sides

Aug. 18, 2020
Wes and Savin Ven Johnson attended the LBJ School of Public Affairs and graduated from the MGPS program in 2012.

Policy, Politics and People: RGK Center Alum Monica Bosquez

Nov. 10, 2017
A self-described idealist, Monica has always been drawn to the ways that politics and policy and people intersect and influence each other, especially in communities and regions facing serious challenges like the impact of immigration or the upheaval wrought by natural disasters.