Sarah Jane Rehnborg, Ph.D.

Associate Director


Sarah Jane Rehnborg joined the RGK Center at its inception. An expert in volunteerism, Dr. Rehnborg is a published author in the field and has served as a consultant and trainer to organizations including the Points of Light Foundation, AARP, the Corporation for National and Community Service, the Texas Commission on Volunteerism and Community Service (now the OneStar Foundation), the Texas Department of Mental Health/Mental Retardation, the Comptroller's Office of the State of Texas and numerous local groups.
Dr. Rehnborg's RGK contribution includes grant development and reporting, community outreach and research. As a researcher, Dr. Rehnborg lead a cross-disciplinary University team which developed a valid and reliable tool to assess programs engaging volunteers and national service participants for the Corporation for National and Community Service. Her work with Children’s Advocacy Centers of Texas resulted in a Performance Based Assessment System for the state’s 65 Children’s Advocacy Centers. In addition, she completed a study on volunteer engagement in state agencies and analyzed Texas data collection practices in the field. Her work with United Jewish Communities (UJC) examined the effects of intensive service learning experiences on the development of Jewish identity among young Jews. With funding from the Volunteer Impact Fund, Rehnborg examined the perceptions of executive directors about volunteer engagement and developed Strategic Volunteer Engagement: A Guide for Nonprofit and Public Sector Leaders.  
In addition to establishing a program of volunteerism and community education at the Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic in the 1970s, Dr. Rehnborg established the Institute for Volunteerism at the Community College of Allegheny County and served as Associate Administrator of Human Resources at John J. Kane Hospital, a 1,200 bed extended care facility. As president of the international Association for Volunteer Administration, Dr. Rehnborg testified before a Congressional hearing sponsored by Senator Durenberger (R-MN).
Her high school curriculum in service-learning was adopted by the State of Maryland and was the lead component of the United Way of Pittsburgh's Volunteer Youth Training and Leadership, which received the national Second Century Award from the United Way of America and was cited as the 100th Point of Light. During her tenure with the University of Texas, Rehnborg worked as a Program Director for Community Engagement at the Charles A. Dana Center prior to joining the RGK Center.
Rehnborg is a member of the Nonprofit and Philanthropic Studies Bridging Discipline Committee, and serves as Academic Advisor to the University of Texas Service Scholars Program. Dr. Rehnborg teaches courses in nonprofit board governance and community engagement at the graduate level. She received her undergraduate degree from Denison University and her Masters and Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh.

Rehnborg Publications

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Case Studies:
  • Go Volunteer ProBono: Skilled
  • Hill Country Ride for AIDS: the Challenges of Replication
  • Austin Partners in Education
  • Knowbility
  • Austin Smiles: Recruiting a New Generation of Physicians
  • The University of Texas at Austin: Is Student Service Part of a University's Service Mandate?
  • United Way Capital Area: Competing Volunteer Leadership Groups
  • Seton Hospital: the Relevance of Auxiliaries in Healthcare
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The Investigator

Rehnborg, S. J., M. K. Roemer and P. Frumkin, Lance Armstrong Foundation LIVESTRONG Survivorship Summit: Final Evaluation Report. RGK Center for Philanthropy and Community Service, LBJ School of Public Affairs, University of Texas at Austin. Oct. 26, 2007

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In the News

OneStar Foundation - 01/24/2013 Dr. Sarah Jane Rehnborg presents at 2013 Texas Volunteer Management Conference

Dr. Rehnborg’s session, Frameworks for Management, examined two tools for engagement within organizations and the broader community at large. She also presented an Advanced Workshop entitled Understanding and Navigating Conflict in the Workplace. The conference is designed to provide broad based, affordable training for professional volunteer managers in Texas and nearby states. Learn more.

Social Velocity - 11/30/2010 In the Trenches Raising Growth Capital: An Interview with Anna Land

Nell Edgington of Social Velocity interviews Anna Land, founder of Heart House, a nonprofit after-school program for low-income children.

Stanford Social Innovation Review - 11/29/2010 Research: Volunteering for Number One

Sarah Jane Rehnborg weighs in on a study that suggests that for young volunteers, it's not just about résumé padding. (Subscription required for article.)

Austin-American Statesman - 07/16/2010 Austin's volunteer reputation taking a hit

Sarah Jane Rehnborg discusses Austin's fall to 36th in federal report's ranking.

Austin-American Statesman - 10/08/2009 Hard Times are Good for Philanthropy

Sarah Jane Rehnborg discusses the changes to volunteerism in the current economic climate.

Our Children, The PTA National Magazine - 09/01/2008 PTA Volunteer Recruitment Step by Step

Sarah Jane Rehnborg writes about how PTA leaders can ensure their units remain effective and active voices for children, families and education by recruiting volunteers and helping them succeed. (PDF)

Austin American-Statesman - 05/05/2007 Doing Good for Do-Gooders

Sarah Jane Rehnborg comments on the history of Austin volunteer centers established through United Way's Hands on Central Texas.


06/24/2013 - Dallas, Texas

 Texas Volunteer Management Conference: Keynote Speaker and Pre-Conference Workshop Leader

06/17/2013 - Washington, DC

 2013 National Conference on Volunteering and Service: Co-Coordinator, Summit for Advanced Volunteer Engagement for the Points of Light Foundation Institute

01/25/2013 - Grapevine, Texas

2013 Texas Volunteer Management Conference-Advanced Workshop, “Frameworks for Management”

08/10/2012 - Austin, Texas

Serving U Keynote Address at St. Edwards University


11/18/2011 - Toronto, Canada

Association for Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Research Annual Conference: Testing the Volunteer and Community Engagement Tool: Pilot Findings from Nonprofits in Two States


06/05/2011 - New Orleans, Louisiana
Research Summit, National Conference on Volunteering and Service: Invited participant
06/04/2011 - New Orleans, Louisiana
Summit for Advanced Volunteer Engagement:
  • Co-Coordinator of 3 day event attended by 100 leaders in community engagement from around the US.
  • Pre-conference event connected to the National Conference on Volunteering and Service.
  • Presenter: “Mean” and Deviant: Evaluating Volunteer Effort. 
03/24/2011 - San Diego, California

Dr. Rehborg will conduct a workshop at the BenchMark 3.5 2011 Conference on Nonprofit and Philanthropic Studies sponsored by the Nonprofit Academic Centers Council. The workshop, "Volunteer Administration: Tools for Curriculum Construction Bridging Practice and Theory," will be presented in collaboration with the Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration.

11/21/2010 - Alexandria, Virginia

Dr. Rehnborg was one of thirty volunteerism experts invited to participate in one of six meetings worldwide being conducted by United Nations Volunteers. She participated in the North American Consultation Meeting: State of the World's Volunteerism Report.

11/18/2010 - Alexandria, Virginia

Dr. Rehnborg convened a Colloquy on the topic of Curriculum Issues in Volunteerism and Volunteer Administration at the 39th annual meeting of the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organization and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA).

06/22/2009 - San Francisco, CA

Attended and spoke at the 2009 National Conference on Volunteering and Service.

04/08/2008 - Austin, TX

Greenlights for Nonprofit Success - "Fire the Deadbeats: Unloading Ineffective Board Members and Volunteers"

03/07/2008 - Midland, TX

"Volunteers: A Key Nonprofit Human Resource" Midland Nonprofit Management Support Organization

02/27/2008 - Austin, TX

Texas Department of State Health Services - Consumer Affairs In-Service; Two Workshops: Volunteer Recruitment and Training and Nonprofit Board Leadership

11/18/2007 - Chicago, IL

Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action - presented "Assessing the State of Capacity Building Research" and co-chaired a session on "Research, Curriculum, and Continuing Education Needs in Volunteer Administration."