February 1, 2015 | Working Papers

Restore Rundberg: Developing an Asset Inventory

Authors: Kyle A. Pitzer



The Restore Rundberg Project was designed to address crime and revitalize the neighborhoods within the Rundberg area. As a component of this project, an asset inventory was created to document the resources, services, programs, and initiatives currently present in the community. It has been suggested that every community, no matter the circumstances, is home to resources and assets that can be leveraged to impact community transformation (Kretzmann & McKnight, 1993; Flora & Flora, 2013). Employing an asset-based approach in community revitalization has also been cited as more effective, based on evidence that meaningful community change more typically occurs when community members are invested in the process (Kretzmann & McKnight, 1993). According to the authors, in order to catalyze this investment, resources within the community must be identified and mobilized. The internal emphasis of the asset-based approach is not meant to dismiss the importance of outside resources. It only provides a more defined and prepared framework in which to pursue and utilize external support Moving forward from this rationale, this paper presents the methods of information collection, describes the final product, and discusses the next steps for using the asset inventory as a component of the community revitalization goals.