Working Papers

Saturday, September 1, 2007 Research

This paper explores factors contributing to the financial capacity of nonprofit performing arts theaters. The analysis explains profitability and liquidity of 3,642 U.S. nonprofit theaters that filed IRS Form 990s from 1998-2007. Independent variables include measures developed by previous research on the financial health of nonprofit organizations, variables for different revenue streams as shares of total revenue, and exposure to real estate and mortgage debt.

Author(s): Lewis Faulk
Saturday, September 1, 2007 Research

Do states and decision-makers ever act for moral reasons? And if they do, is it only when it is convenient or relatively costless for them to do so? A number of advocacy movements–on developing country debt relief, climate change, landmines, and other issues–emerged in the 1990s to ask decision-makers to make foreign policy decisions on that basis. The primary advocates were motivated not by their own material interests but broader notions of right and wrong. What contributes to the domestic acceptance of these moral commitments? Why do some advocacy efforts succeed where others fail?

Author(s): Joshua Busby, Ph.D.
Author(s): Sarah Jane Rehnborg, Ph.D., Dennis L. Poole, Ph.D., Michael K. Roemer, Laurel F. Mangrum, Ph.D., Kathleen Casey, Deborah Duvall