The Frances Moody Newman Distinguished Lecture Series presents:

My Values, My Philanthropy with Linda Biehl

"My Values, My Philanthropy" The inaugural lecture for the Frances Moody Newman Distinguished Lecture Series given by Linda Biehl, co-founder of the Amy Biehl Foundation. View Webcast >

Linda Biehl co-founded the Amy Biehl Foundation in 1994 with her late husband Peter. The foundation honors the memory of their daughter. Amy was tragically killed during the apartheid years in South Africa, while on a Fulbright scholorship to develop township voter registration programs. Choosing to forgive rather than demand retribution against the youths convicted in the death of her daughter, Linda Biehl advances reconciliation and restorative justice in South Africa and the U.S. through her philanthropic work. Linda has become internationally known for embracing the power of forgiveness as a force for personal transformation and social and political change.

For the Frances Moody Newman Distinguished Lecture, Linda Biehl was joined on stage by her special guest, Ntobeke Peni. Peni contributes to the success of the Amy Biehl Foundation as a dedicated employee in South Africa. In 1993, Peni and three other men were sentenced to 18 years in prison for the murder of Amy Biehl. Six years later, granted amnesty for his crime, Peni joined Linda in carrying out the vision of the Amy Biehl Foundation.