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Trump says goodbye to Paris climate agreement. Here's what that means.

The Washington Post Monkey Cage Blog - 06/01/2017

Dr. Joshua Busby delves into the certain and potential impacts–environmental, diplomatic, and economic–from the President's decision to withdraw the U.S. from the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement.  Read article.

Castillo: New giving network answers why Latinos need a hand

Austin American-Statesman - 05/20/2017

The editorial board at the Austin-American Statesman met with Austin Community Foundation members to go into the 'why' behind their decision to launch the Hispanic Impact Fund.  The piece mentions some of the data collected through the Austin Area Sustainability Indicators. Read article.

New fund will help Central Texas' growing Hispanic community

KVUE - 05/10/2017

In an effort to respond to the disparate income levels of Hispanics living in Central Texas, the Austin Community Foundation recently launched the Hispanic Impact Fund to increase economic security in this growing segment of the population through investments in early childhood education, healthy communities and entrepreneurship.  The fund was launched in part due to findings from the Austin Area Sustainability Indicators.  Read and watch.

Critical links between health care and immigration in Texas

TribTalk - 05/05/2017

LBJ School student Paige Menking looks at the intersection of healthcare and immigration policy and the challenges that undocumented immigrants face in this area, particularly in light of recent anti-immigrant sentiment in the state. Read article.

The Threat to NEA Funding and Austin

The Austin Chronicle - 04/28/2017

Dr. Francie Ostrower weighs in on the proposal to cut funding for the NEA: "[T]he nature of the current attacks against the endowment set this assault apart from its predecessors. In the past, 'the debates over cutting were often dominated by controversies over what the NEA funds. This time around, arguments are being made that there is no rationale for government to fund the NEA at all.'" Read article.

Latest News

May 30, 2017

Angela Baucom, MSSW ’15, serves as the VISTA Program Manager for Feeding Texas. There she supports the statewide effort to evolve the practice of food banking around three main areas: economic opportunity creation, health partnerships and story banking. Founded in 1986, Feeding Texas established itself as a network for communication and collaboration among food banks in Texas.

April 11, 2017

To celebrate this year's 40 Hours for Forty Acres, the RGK Center is enlisting the support of our alumni and friends to fund attendance at conferences by students in the Nonprofit Studies Portfolio.  Conferences are a great way for students to interact with professionals working in the nonprofit and social innovation sectors and make the connection from classroom to career.  Below find profiles of four students and learn about their goals and motivations.


Check back for upcoming events.