CONNECT Program Overview 

Community organizations have big challenges to tackle. Graduate students are among the people in our community that have the skills organizations need to solve these problems.  CONNECT is a way to bring these groups together. Our hope is that this effort will continue to grow and make a contribution toward solving complex community challenges. 

The CONNECT program seeks to activate learning from data and build both capacity and interest in greater data, measurement and evaluation capacity within community organizations. The program achieves this through personalized, high-touch intake with nonprofit organizations who have data and evaluation projects, recruitment of skilled graduate students (masters and doctoral) at the University of Texas, student fellowships to recognize program participation, an online platform and matching to ensure a good fit between organization and student, and customized project support leading to high-quality, actionable deliverables.

"I participated in this program at the same time that I started to go on the job market and I found my experience crucial for securing other opportunities. I don't think that I could have had the same opportunities for my career if I had not done the CONNECT program." - Mary Abbe Roe, Spring 2020 CONNECT Fellow

"Our CONNECT Fellow’s work provided a wealth of useful information that will positively impact the Dana Center for many years to come. The Center learned that CONNECT is one of the best programs the university has to offer. This was one of my best experiences since joining UT three years ago. Brava, CONNECT!" - Afi Y. Wiggins, Ph.D., Director, Program Evaluation and Research, Charles A. Dana Center

For additional information, take a look at our FAQs for community organizations and graduate students, or view our project library.

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